Good News Bible Study - Lesson 1


There seems to be no end of new tabloids blazing with bizarre and intriguing predicitons of supermarket psychics and syndicated astrologers. They claim to know what will take place in the future.

If their information is coming from God, it surely seems a bit strange that most of their interest is in the people of the entertainment business. And it’s interesting to notice that the battling average of the psychics is less than impressive.

Counterfeit prophets annually fire “buckshot into tomorrow’s clouds. Hoping to bag a stray duck as it passes overhead,” says Ralph Blodgett in These Times.

Blodgett also states that out of 250 specific published predictions he found less than 3 percent that he could list as reasonably fulfilled and 97 percent that missed the mark completely.

If we really to know what the future holds we need to go back to the Bible, the book that has proven again and again its accuracy in predicting the future.

1.) What gift has God given to man to reveal the future? 2 Peter 1:19-21.

2.) To whom does God reveal His secrets of the future? Amos 3:7

God looks into the future and foretells what is going to take place centuries before the events come to pass. As we see these prophecies fulfilled we can have faith in God and His Word.

Read the entire chapter of Daniel 2. The events of this chapter took place in about the year 605 B.C. Babylon was the first world empire. It is fascinating to notice that God outlines the future of the world for 2,500 years in this chapter.

3.) What happenend to King Nebuchadnezzar during his second year as King? Daniel 2:1

4.) Whom did the king summon to tell him his dream and its interpretation? Daniel 2:2,3

5.) When these “wise” men were unable to reveal the King’s dream, what command was given by Nebuchadnezzar? Daniel 2:4-12

6.) When Daniel was sought to be slain, what request did he make of the king? Daniel 2:14-16

Daniel and his three friends were Hebrews from royal families who were captured by Nebuchadnezzar during his siege of Judah. They had been educated and trained by the Babylonians and given high positions in the government because of their great wisdom. They were not magicians or astrologers as were the other wise men.

7.) What did Daniel immediately do when the king granted him time to come up with the information the king desired? Daniel 2:17-23

8.) Whom did Daniel say could reveal the mystery of the king’s dream? Daniel 2:24-28

9.) With what time period of earth’s history is this dream especially concerned? Daniel 2:28

10.) What did Daniel tell the king that he had seen in his dream? Daniel 2:29-31

11.) List the various metals that made up the parts of the image. Daniel 2:32,33

The Bible says:


12.) What happened when the great stone hit the image? Daniel 2:34,35

13.) What did the head of gold represent? Daniel 2:36-38

14.) What nation would arise after the Babylonian kingdom? Daniel 2:39

The second world empire, of course, was Medo-persia, which, indeed, was inferior to the golden kingdom of Babylon.

15.) According to the prophecy, what was predicted after the reign of the Medo-Persians? Daniel 2:39

The third world empire was Greece. It is interesting to notice that much of the armor worn by the Grecians was made of brass! Alexander the Great and his army, in the battle of Arbela in 331 B.C., “settled the fate of the Persian Empire, and established the wide dominion of the Greeks”.

16.) How did Daniel describe the fourth world empire-Rome? Daniel 2:40

“The images of gold, or silver, or brass, that might serve to prepresent the nations and their kings, were successively broken by the iron monarchy of Rome”.

17.) What was to happen to Rome, the fourth world empire? Daniel 2:41

Barbarian invasions of Rome divided the empire. These divisions, ten in number, represented by the ten toes of iron and clay, formed the foundations of the nations located in Europe today. These barbaric tribes are listed as followers by most historians: Alemanni, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Franks, Vandals, Suevi, Burgundians, Heruli, Anglo-Saxtons, and Lombards.

18.) What prediction by God assures us that there will never be any more world empires as we know them? Daniel 2:43

19.) Who will set up the next world empire? Daniel 2:44,45

20.) What glorious event will mark the settling up of this kingdom? Matthew 25:31

21.) Are you determined to be a citizen of that kingdom that will last forever?

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